My home lab setup for highly-available Internet

Hi, I’m Brad, @bradfitz on Twitter, etc.
This page describes my home server & networking setup.

Questions welcome!

The primary goals of this project are…

to have a highly-available home Internet setup, with no SPOF (Single Point of Failure)

to learn and have fun.

I have 3 physical machines plugged into 3 switches, with all switches
connected to each other. I don’t have a physical
router/gateway. Instead, a Linux virtual machine handles the IPv4 NAT,
IPv6 announcements, DHCP, DNS, etc, and that Linux VM floats between
the 3 machines as needed, including live migration during maintenance.
My 4 Wifi APs are PoE-powered from the two switches. I have two ISPs.
I have two UPSes and two PDUs powering separate halves of the gear,
and separate ISPs, giving me about 35-45 minutes of runtime (and thus
Internet) during a power outage. The whole house might be dark, but the
battery-powered wifi will work.

Higher quality photos at

2 x UniFi Switch 24 PoE-250W:

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