Bare Metal K8s Clustering at Scale

by Brian Chambers and Caleb HurdAt full scale Chick-fil-A will be running Kubernetes at the Edge in each of our 2000 restaurants. That means roughly 6000 devices at the Edge running Kubernetes.One of the biggest challenges associated with this is bare metal clustering on-the-fly, in-restaurant.While most Kubernetes deployments are in the cloud or benefit from skilled technicians that are physically located near their deployments (or at least equipped with remote access), our deployments are completed by installers who focus only on initial hardware installations. They never connect to the compute devices directly — rather they connect ethernet and power cords, and then look at an app to check the status of the cluster as it self-bootstraps. Replacements are completed by restaurant Owner/Operators or their teams, which are sometimes less technical.On top of that, our Edge deployments are not exactly in a “datacenter environment”.Edge Compute hardware and a typical installationClustering: Options we consideredTo

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