The advantages of an email-driven Git workflow

git 2.18.0 has been released, and with it my first contribution to
git has shipped! My patch was for a git feature which remains disappointingly
obscure: git send-email. I want to
introduce my readers to this feature and speak to the benefits of using an
email-driven git workflow – the workflow git was originally designed for.

Email isn’t as sexy as GitHub (and its imitators), but it has several
advantages over the latter. Email is standardized, federated, well-understood,
and venerable. A very large body of email-related software exists and is equally
reliable and well-understood. You can interact with email using only open source
software and customize your workflow at every level of the stack – filtering,
organizing, forwarding, replying, and so on; in any manner you choose.

Git has several built-in tools for leveraging email. The first one of note is
format-patch. This can take a git
commit (or series of commits) and format them as plaintext emails with embedded
diffs. Here’s a small

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