BlueChip – An ORM-like syntax for retrieving data from GraphQL or JsonAPI

BlueChip accepts payloads from GraphQL or JsonAPI servers, normalizes them into your store and provides an ORM like syntax for retrieving the data for use.
The Basics
There are only two things that BlueChip does.
Normalize data and organize it in a store.
Retrieve the data from the store and prepare it for use.
What BlueChip Is
State API
BlueChip will take your data, normalize it and place it into a shared resources store. The API on this side is pretty minimal.
updateResources() – Takes an entire payload of resources, normalize it and merge it into the store.
updateResource() – Merges in a single resource into your store
removeResources() – Removes a list of resource from the store
removeResource() – Removes a single resource from the store
clearResources() – Clears a resource store by types
And that is it for the State API.
Selector API
This is the meat of BlueChip. The selector API is how you prepare your data to

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