Building the GOV.UK of the future

GOV.UK is the single website for all central government services and information. Since launching in 2012 it has replaced nearly 2,000 government websites with just one.
GOV.UK has been viewed more than 14 billion times since it went live. It gets an average 3.6 million visits a day. It has won awards – including a D&AD Black Pencil and a Design Museum Design of the Year award. And it has influenced governments all over the world from Australia to Israel.
You probably know about most of this already because we’re rightly proud of it and we’ve talked about it a lot.
But GOV.UK is much more than just a website for government – it’s the online home of all of government’s content and services. It’s the digital interface for millions of people interacting with central government.
So that means we serve a dual role:

We help people understand government by making content simple and

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