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Jun 26, 2018 by

Olaf Alders

If you’ve visited in the last day or
so, you may have noticed that the site is now directing all of its
traffic to Let’s talk about what this change

Why is this change taking place?

The maintainers behind have decided
that it’s time to move on. After many, many years of keeping this site up and
running they have decided to pass on the torch (and the traffic) to Myself and the rest of the MetaCPAN team
have been working very
hard to prepare for the influx of new traffic (and new users). On behalf of
Perl users everywhere, the we’d like to thank all of the crew
behind for their many years of
working behind the scenes to keep this valuable resource up and running.

How does this change CPAN?

It doesn’t. CPAN is the central repository of uploaded Perl modules. Both and are search

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