Consul 1.2 release

We are excited to announce the release of HashiCorp Consul 1.2. This release supports a major new feature called Connect that automatically turns any existing Consul cluster into a service mesh solution. Connect enables secure service-to-service communication with automatic TLS encryption and identity-based authorization.

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Consul is currently deployed on millions of machines worldwide. After upgrading to Consul 1.2 and enabling Connect, any existing cluster will instantly become a service mesh solution that works on any platform: physical machines, cloud, containers, schedulers, and more.

Modern Service Networking with Service Mesh

A service mesh is necessary for organizations adopting microservices and dynamic cloud based infrastructure. Traditional host-based network security must be replaced with modern service-based security to accommodate the highly dynamic nature of modern runtime environments.
A service mesh provides a highly available, distributed solution to three critical problems:

Discovery: Services must be able to find each other.

Configuration: Services

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