Poor Man’s CI – Hosted CI for BSD with Shell Scripting and Duct Tape


Poor Man’s CI (PMCI – Poor Man’s Continuous Integration) is a collection of scripts that taken together work as a simple CI solution that runs on Google Cloud. While there are many advanced hosted CI systems today, and many of them are free for open source projects, none of them seem to offer a solution for the BSD operating systems (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, etc.)
The architecture of Poor Man’s CI is system agnostic. However in its first implementation provided in this repository the only supported system is FreeBSD. Support for additional systems is possible.
Poor Man’s CI runs on the Google Cloud. It is possible to set it up so that the service fits within the Google Cloud “Always Free” limits. In doing so the provided CI is not only hosted, but is also free! (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Google and do not otherwise endorse their

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