How to Use Slack and Not Go Crazy

Communicating well is one of the key attributes of highly effective teams. We currently have 40 people at PSPDFKit, and because we’re spread across many countries and time zones, it’s a challenge to keep everyone in the loop. For a long time, we were small enough that email worked well. As we grew, we progressed to a single room in Campfire (now retired). But eventually we moved — like so many other companies — to Slack.This is the first part of a two-part series on communication at PSPDFKit. The second part will be about Effective Remote Communication and focuses on everything that’s not inside Slack. Subscribe to our Newsletter to not miss out!SlacklashSlack is both amazing and awful. It’s great because it really does feel like an office and makes it easy to see what everyone’s up to — that’s especially important as a remote company. But it’s also bad

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