Show HN: Mergeable – GitHub bot to ensure consistency in PR and Issues


A bot that enforces consistency and standards on your GitHub projects and repositories.

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Key Features
Pull Requests
Validate pull requests for mergeability based on content and structure of your PR (title, labels, milestone, project, description, approvals, etc). The rule-sets are fully configurable. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Prevent accidental merging of Pull Requests that are work in progress by labeling it wip or prefixing the title with the abbreviation.

Ensure all Pull Requests have a description so that when you view through history you still have context.

Ensure that all Pull Requests are approved by a specific list of users. It is especially useful if one of the users is not a collaborator of your repository — something GitHub does not already support.

Ensure that all Pull Requests merged are in a specific GitHub Project.

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