Designing a better onboarding flow

[Today’s random Sourcerer profile:]The importance of a tight onboarding flow for any consumer internet businesses is almost always the most critical part for the company. Funneling in users to have the company’s value prop understood, the user’s expectations met, all with a minimal amount of friction is no easy task. So, as I’ve been working through future improvements at Sourcerer, I wanted to walk through various examples from prominent sites in the hope of better detailing ours better.I chose 5 sites, not all are specifically related to software engineering, professional networking, or recruitment but definitely relatable in one way or another. I specifically chose LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, StackOverflow, Upwork, Reddit, and Twitter. Let’s begin.LinkedInIn terms of a professional network, Linkedin is the closest comparable we have and so I was very keen to start off with them.Before diving into the specifics, I think it’s also important to note, that

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