RemoteStorage – An open protocol for per-user storage on the Web

An open protocol for per-user storage on the Web

Own your data

Everything in one place – your place. Use a storage account with a
provider you trust, or set up your own storage server. Move house whenever you
want. It’s your data.

Stay in sync

remoteStorage-enabled apps automatically sync your data across all of
your devices, from desktop to tablet to smartphone, and maybe even your TV.

Compatibility & choice

Use the same data across different apps. Create a to-do list in one
app, and track the time on your tasks in another one. Say goodbye to
app-specific data silos.

Go offline

Most remoteStorage-enabled apps come with first-class offline support.
Use your apps offline on the go, and automatically sync when you’re
back online.

Unhosted Architecture

remoteStorage is the first (and currently only)

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