Solex : Lexum’s Latest Search Engine

In the movie The Man with the Golden Gun, the Solex is a revolutionary device that is meant to solve the 1973 energy crisis. After killing its British inventor, an elite assassin steals the Solex to sell it to foreign powers. James Bond is dispatched to find the assassin and recover the precious device. Because this is a James Bond movie, as a matter of course, there’s also a laser.
Solex also stands for SolrCloud Lexum plugins, the latest iteration of the search engine Lexum deploys in all its products.
Lexum has used a wide variety of search engines throughout its history. It all started at the dawn of the Web, in 1994, with the Wide Area Information Server (WAIS). Then came the NQL search engine from a local Montreal firm. Then, for a year or so, AustLII’s SINO search engine. In 2003, we elected to build a search engine of our

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