How to Android without Google [easy way]

This guide shows how to install LineageOS without GApps with the help of signature spoofing and microG, so that you can have Push Notifications, Location Services and the like, without needing to have Google Play Services installed. (Without Google-anything for that matter)

It was made possible by the hard work of creators, maintainers and community around LineageOS, microG, XPosedFramework, F-Droid, Yalp Store and many others.

NOTE 1: every adb and fastboot commands I describe here assume the path you’re in is the path with the specified files. If it’s not, either move there or point to it from where you are.
NOTE 2: During the whole process I’m assuming the device is connected to your computer.
NOTE 3: This tutorial has references to the OnePlus One device, but it should apply to any other phone that’s supported by LineageOS. Where you see bacon (OPO codename) that means you should search that content’s link for

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