Gnome has moved to GitLab

GNOME, one of the most recognized, respected projects in the open source world, has moved to GitLab to manage their more than 400 software projects and nearly 900 annual contributors. We couldn’t be happier to welcome the GNOME community! The migration is great news for both our communities, and we hope it’s just the beginning of a long and productive partnership. A catalyst for change Last year we were approached by developers of Debian to consider dropping our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) in favor of the Developer’s Certificate of Origin (DCO). In November we announced that we’d be switching to a DCO, and we’re happy that this change has been welcomed by the GNOME community too: “We applaud GitLab for dropping their CLA in favor of a more OSS-friendly approach. Open source communities are born from a sea of contributions that come together and transform into projects. This gesture affirmed

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