What to optimize when you redesign a web or landing page on your site

Great. You’ve setup your Website and analytics, and you’re starting to get leads and sales from your traffic. Is your site perfect?
Websites are never perfect. To get exceptional results and performance from your Website, you need to be constantly refining your funnels and landing pages.
A landing page is any entry page on your site. It can be your homepage, a blog post, your contact page, or any other page by which your visitors enter.
This means that your site has both:
Traditional landing pages: Pages like your homepage, or the conversion pages you use for ad or email traffic; the pages that were designed to act as landing pages.
Unintended landing pages: Pages that by way of sticky content or strong search positioning became landing pages. Those pages can be amplified to get even more results from your site (and you can find those using Highlights).
To get strong results from your landing pages,

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