You might not need homebrew

Homebrew is amazing. I love the user experience – it is super easy to add new packages to macOS. However, I’ve just realized, that I barely use it anymore. What follows is how I work without Homebrew.Since I can remember, I’ve used Homebrew extensively:wget on macOS? just run brew install wget,need Redis for a project? no worries, Homebrew had my back with brew install redis.LaunchRocket made things even better. In case you are not familiar with LaunchRocket, it adds a preferencePane for your System Settings, so you have a UI on top of Homebrew. It enables you to easily turn on or off different services:Back in those days, setting up Docker on macOS was painful – you had to:install VirtualBox,install boot2docker,and set up the DOCKER_HOST environment variable.While it does not seem a lot, it is far from a great user experience.Luckily for us, Docker fixed this. With the help of

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