Showdown: MySQL 8 vs. PostgreSQL 10

Now that MySQL 8 and PostgreSQL 10 are out, it’s a good time to revisit how the two major open source relational databases compete against each other.
Before these versions, the general perception has been that while Postgres is superior in feature sets and its pedigree, MySQL is more battle tested at scale with massive concurrent reads/writes.
But with the latest releases, the gap between the two has gotten significantly narrowed.
Feature Comparison
Let’s take a look at the “trendy” features that we all love to talk about.
PostgreSQL 10
Query & Analytics

Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
✔ New

Window Functions
✔ New

Data Types

JSON support
✔ Improved

✔ Improved

Full-text Search


Logical Replication

✔ New
Semi-synchronous Replication

✔ New
Declarative Partitioning

✔ New
It used to be easy to say that

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