Showdown: MySQL 8 vs. PostgreSQL 10

Now that MySQL 8 and PostgreSQL 10 are out, it’s a good time to revisit how the two major open source relational databases compete against each other.
Before these versions, the general perception has been that while Postgres is superior in feature sets and its pedigree, MySQL is more battle tested at scale with massive concurrent reads/writes.
But with the latest releases, the gap between the two has gotten significantly narrowed.
Feature Comparison
Let’s take a look at the “trendy” features that we all love to talk about.
PostgreSQL 10
Query & Analytics

Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
✔ New

Window Functions
✔ New

Data Types

JSON support
✔ Improved

✔ Improved

Full-text Search


Logical Replication

✔ New
Semi-synchronous Replication

✔ New
Declarative Partitioning

✔ New
It used to be easy to say that

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Katran: High Performance Load Balancer

katran is a cpp library and bpf program to build high performance
layer 4 load balancing forwarding plane. katran leverages XDP infrastructure
from the kernel to provide in-kernel facility for fast packet’s processing.

blazing fast (especially w/ XDP in driver mode).
performance scaling linearly with a number of NIC’s RX queues
RSS friendly encapsulation
See detailed features description bellow

README (this file): generic overview of katran
USAGE: detailed description of how katran’s library can be used, configured
or changed.
DEVELOPING: description of how developing process looks like: how to build
and test katran
EXAMPLE: output of how to run provided examples (thrift and grpc services,
which leverage katran library)
We provide simple examples of katran library usage w/ thrift and grpc endpoints.
please refer to for more detailed information.

We provide shell script that automates the build of katran for Ubuntu 18.04.
To build and install katran library and thrift/grpc examples – you need to run script. It should take care of

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How Reddit killed one of its most popular AMAs

One of Reddit‘s most exciting AMA series has shut down, revealing a behind-the-scenes power struggle between admins and the moderators the social news site relies upon.
The popular r/science subreddit announced Friday that it will no longer host its “Ask Me Anything” segments in which scientists field questions from everyday Reddit users. The program, established four years ago, hosted some of the most esteemed names in various fields of science, including physicist Stephen Hawking and geneticist Francis Collins. The subreddit will publish its final AMA on Friday.
In his farewell post to the series, Nathan Allen, the head moderator of r/science, notes viewership “dropped off a cliff” in recent months. The underlying reasons for its fight for relevance highlight the disparity between a recent decision made by Reddit admins and its unintended impact on popular and informative subreddits.  

In his post, Allen blamed the demise of r/science AMAs on new algorithms that change how

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