PostgreSQL 11 Partitioning Improvements

PostgreSQL 11, due to be released later this year, comes with a bunch of
improvements for the declarative partitioning feature that was introduced in
version 10. Here’s a quick look at what’s on the menu.

Partitioned Tables in Postgres

Postgres 10 introduced natively partitioned tables in core PostgreSQL. With this
feature, you can shard a table into multiple child tables. The parent table itself
contains no rows, but serves as a “virtual” table into which you can insert rows
and query from. Combining this with other PostgreSQL features, you can have
child tables on separate disks (tablespaces)
or even other servers

Checkout the Postgres
docs for
more on partitioned tables.

PostgreSQL 11 brings all around improvements to partitioning functionality. You
can get your hands dirty with the new features on the first beta which should
be coming out in a few weeks. Or compile it from the latest snapshot,
like we did.

So without further ado, here is the list you came here for:

1. Update Moves Rows

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