Vim 8.1

Vim 8.1 is a minor release, a few new features have been added since Vim 8.0.
A lot of bugs have been fixed, documentation was updated, etc.

For MS-Windows, download the Self installing executable.
For Unix you probably want to get the latest version from github, see the
github page
Otherwise see the Download page for options.

The main new feature of Vim 8.1 is support for running a terminal in a Vim
window. This builds on top of the asynchronous features added in Vim 8.0.
The terminal window can be used for many purposes, here are a few examples:

Run a command, such as “make”, while continuing to edit in other windows. The
progress of the command can be observed, the terminal window is continuously

Run a shell where you can execute a series of commands.

Use the new terminal debugger plugin for debugging inside Vim. This is
especially useful over an ssh connection, when opening other terminals is not
possible or impractical.

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