Material UI v1 for React is out

It has taken us two years to do it, but Material-UI v1 has finally arrived!We are so excited about this release, as it’s setting a new course for the project. Thank you to everyone, especially to the team, and to everyone who’s contributed code, issue triage, and support. Thank you.See the 1.0.0 Release Note on GitHub.One buttonHigh-level Goals for v1Material-UI was started 3 years ago by @hai-cea. The React ecosystem has evolved considerably since then, and we have also learned along the way. Two years ago, @nathanmarks started an ambitious task to rebuild Material-UI from the ground-up, taking advantage of this knowledge to address long-standing issues in customizability, ease of use, and code quality.CustomizabilityMaterial-UI v1 is our second stab at the execution of the vision.We want Material-UI to become whatever is generally useful for application development, all in the spirit of the Material Design guidelines. Material-UI is not only an implementation

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