What we’ve learned from building Ghost after 5 years and $3M

Last week marked the fifth anniversary since the Ghost Kickstarter campaign which started it all.
It’s always fun to use these milestones to take a step back and reflect on the journey so far. On previous birthdays I’ve talked about revenue milestones and product updates, but this year I’m going to focus more on all the things we’ve learned since we started.
Just for context though, here’s a quick overview of where we are today:
MRR: $82,000
Annual Net Revenue: $1.2million
All-time Revenue: $3million
Github Stars: 25,000
Releases: 173
Sites using Ghost: 512,000
Biggest users: Apple, Tinder, DuckDuckGo, Mozilla, OpenAI, OkCupid, Square, Vevo, DigitalOcean, Napster, CloudFlare and many, many more.
Runway: Just kidding, we’ve been profitable since year 1
We started working on Ghost because we wanted to build a great open source publishing platform which would empower independent creators, but we also started this company as a social experiment. We wanted to know: What would it look like if you

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