Announcing Fuse Open

Dear Fusers! Today we have a few important announcements to make.Firstly, we are excited to announce Fuse Open — the entire Fuse Platform, tooling and premium libraries available free and Open Source! We’re removing our paid Professional plan and making all those features available to everyone, as well as in full source code for the community to contribute to, play with or take inspiration from under a permissive license.The code base is half a decade of work by a very passionate team. We are both proud and happy to finally be able to share it with the world. However, this also means that we will soon ramp down our internal development efforts for what is now Fuse Open.Secondly, we are launching a new piece of tech called the Fuse App Engine and a brand new business model, called as Apps-as-a-Service, which we believe is a crucial step towards a brighter future for

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