How to Build a $750/Month WordPress Business: An Interview with Founder

Hello! My name is Jack Slingerland and I’m the founder of! Kernl is a WordPress plugin and theme update service. It also handles WordPress license management, WordPress analytics, and WordPress git deployment.
Key Statistics
Monthly Revenue: $750 and growing steadily
Date Started / Years in Business: The first commit in Kernl’s codebase was December 14, 2014 but we didn’t open for alpha testing until March 2015 or so.
Location / Homebase: Kernl is located in Raleigh, NC.
Number of Employees: Just me!
In the beginning (or even now) do you maintain a full time job while launching?
Trying to hold down a full-time job and launch a product can be tough and requires some serious time management skills. I currently work full time as a Lead Senior Software Engineer at an education technology company and then try to spend 1 hour a night working on Kernl, and 2 hours in the early morning on weekends. It

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