Never Write Your Own Database

Note: I originally authored this post while at Microsoft with Vincent Lascaux (the engineer primarily responsible for the work in OneNote described here) and decided to republish in this forum since that version no longer seems to be available. Thanks Vincent for all the detailed information and feedback!There’s an old adage in software engineering — “never write your own database”. So why did the OneNote team go ahead and write one as part of upgrading OneNote’s local cache implementation?First, it’s probably necessary to more carefully define what I mean by a “database” in this context.Most interesting applications need to be able to persist their application state and the user content they create and manage to durable storage. An application can either use its own custom logic for persistence or make use of some pre-existing database management software (DBMS) to handle storing its data. That pre-existing DBMS might be some kind of relational

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