De-Googling my phone

I’ve been a professional Free Software developer in the GNU/Linux area for 14
years now, and a hobbyist developer and user for much longer. For some reason
that never extended much to the smartphone world, beyond running
LineageOS on my older phones (my current Sony Xperia
is still under warranty and I’m fine with the officially supported Android),
and various stabs at using the Ubuntu phone (RIP!).

On a few long weekends this year it got a hold of me, and I had a look over the
Google fence to see how Free Software is doing on Android and how to reduce my
dependency on Google Play Services and Google apps. Less because I would
actually severely distrust Google, as they have a lot of business and goodwill
to lose if they ever majorly screw up; but more because of simple curiosity and
for learning new things. I want to note down my experience here for sharing and

I started experimenting on

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