Facebook announces PyTorch 1.0, a more unified AI framework

Though Facebook’s focus on day 1 of its F8 conference centered on the company’s recent struggles and their relationship with the phrase “taking broader responsibility,” day 2 shifted most of the pizazz to the technical advances its giant team has made over the past year.
Today, the company announced PyTorch 1.0, a new iteration of the framework that merges Python-based PyTorch with Caffe2 allowing developers to move from research to production in a more frictionless way without having to deal with migration.
At Facebook, the company’s AI efforts are split between two teams, the Facebook AI Research group (FAIR) and the company’s Applied Machine Learning team (AML). The distinction ultimately boils down to one division researching AI with seemingly limitless computational resources at their disposal and the other looking to implement lightweight machine learning models more suited for consumers. In the past, the former mission has been better-suited for the research-optimized PyTorch

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Cisco shakes up collaboration efforts; morphs Spark into Webex

Cisco’s collaboration business is evolving, with new leadership poised to take over and a new emphasis on artificial intelligence.The company recently announced that its Spark team messaging app will be rebranded and rolled into its Webex platform. And this week, it said Rowan Trollope – who has led Cisco’s collaboration efforts since 2012 – is leaving and will be replaced by Amy Chang, founder and CEO of Accompany, the AI business intelligence startup acquired for $270 million on Tuesday. [ Further reading: Chat happens: Your guide to 11 group-chat services ]Chang, a former Google employee, will resign from Cisco’s board to become senior vice president in charge of the Collaboration Technology Group. To read this article in full, please click here

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DigitalOcean launches its container platform

DigitalOcean is getting into the container game. While it’s still best known for its affordable virtual private server hosting, the company’s ambition is to become a major player in the cloud computing space. Hosting was just the first part of that plan, and with its Spaces storage services, for example, it signaled its future plans.
Since there’s no way to get around talking about software containers these days, it’s probably no surprise that the company today announced the launch of its Kubernetes -based container service.
The service is now in early preview (and you can sign up here) and the company plans to make it widely available later this year.
“We’ve always been devoted to providing simple solutions for developers — starting with our cloud servers, Droplets,” said DigitalOcean VP of Product Shiven Ramji. “This product is no exception, allowing developers to focus on successfully shipping their applications while not being burdened by the

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The Internals of Postgres – Concurrency Control

Concurrency Control is a mechanism that maintains consistency and isolation,
which are two properties of the ACID,
when several transactions run concurrently in the database.

There are three broad concurrency control techniques,
Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC),
Strict Two-Phase Locking (S2PL),
and Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC),
and each technique has many variations.

In MVCC, each write operation creates a new version of a data item while retaining the old version.
When a transaction reads a data item, the system selects one of the versions to ensure isolation of the individual transaction.

The main advantage of MVCC is that ‘readers don’t block writers, and writers don’t block readers’, in contrast, for example, an S2PL-based system must block readers when a writer writes an item because the writer acquires an exclusive lock for the item.

PostgreSQL and some RDBMSs use a variation of MVCC called Snapshot Isolation (SI).

To implement SI,
some RDBMSs, e.g., Oracle, use rollback segments.
When writing a new data item, the old version

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C64 RPi 3 conversion

Not directly Amiga related, but Commodore related, so, uhhh…I actually started this RPi conversion first, but I got sidetracked and ended up finishing the Amiga 500 one first. More on that here.So the objective here was to take a C64 breadbin case and keyboard and put a Raspberry Pi 3 into it; keeping the keyboard and joystick ports working, but also giving me HDMI, USB controller support, and modem emulation. While I still have 2 real Commodore 64s (and an Ultimate64 on the way!), I like using the RPi and Vice to play 64 games.These mounts do not require you to drill or cut your C64 case! The 3D files are provisioned under the creative commons license so they are FREE to use, distribute, modify, or even sell.PicturesEverything in its place.Beautiful backside — from right to left — micro USB power, power switch, HDMI.Outside shot of the Keyrah.Instructions1. Print out

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Windows 10 cheat sheet

Windows 10 is the best operating system that’s come along from Microsoft in a long time. It’s a shape-shifter that changes its interface depending upon whether you’re using a traditional computer or a touch-based one. It undoes the damage wrought by Windows 8, including eliminating the awkward Charms bar and bringing back the long-mourned Start menu. A lot more has changed as well, with a new default browser called Edge, the integration of the Cortana digital assistant, links to Microsoft’s cloud-based OneDrive cloud storage service and plenty more.Share this story: IT pros, we hope you’ll pass this guide on to your users to show them the Windows 10 ropes. Also see our printable PDF of Windows 10 gestures and shortcuts.To read this article in full, please click here

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