GDPR: A guide to reading the full text

TL;DR of the TL;DR

The official full text PDF of the GDPR is a 261 page beast. However, as we describe below, for SaaS companies who want to understand how this regulation impacts their product, they should read the 34 page abridged version of the GDPR we’ve compiled.

Approaching the GDPR

There has been a lot of advice written about how companies, developers and the technology industry, in general, should approach GDPR. Our posts covering this topic are taken from a very-specific perspective: How should the creators of modern business applications (aka SaaS) think about GDPR in context of their businesses. But no matter how well researched and reasoned our (or any other approach) might be, it is still someone else’s opinion.

For this reason, it can be helpful to explore the primary sources when evaluating a topic this complex. Because reading the GDPR can be quite intimidating, we’ve outlined our

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