Flatcar Linux, a Container Linux fork, is ready for production

by Chris Kuehl on Mon, Apr 30, 2018

A few weeks ago we announced Flatcar Linux, our effort to create a commercially supported fork of CoreOS’ container Linux. You can find the reasoning for the fork in our FAQ.

Since then we’ve been testing, improving our build process, establishing security procedures, and talking to testers about their experiences. We are now satisfied that Flatcar Linux is a stable and reliable container operating system that can be used in production clusters.

Open to the public

Thus, today we are ready to open Flatcar Linux to the public. Thanks to our testers for testing and providing feedback. We look forward to more feedback and community feedback now that Flatcar is more widely available.

For information about release and signing keys, please see the new Releases and the image signing key pages.

Filing issues or feature requests

You can use the Flatcar repository to file any

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