Introduction to Decision Tree Learning

From Kaggle to classrooms, one of the first lessons in machine learning involves decision trees. The reason for the focus on decision trees is that they aren’t very mathematics heavy compared to other ML approaches, and at the same time, they provide reasonable accuracy on classification problems.If you’re just getting started with ML, it’s very easy to pick up decision trees. In this tutorial, you’ll learn:What is a decision treeHow to construct a decision treeConstruct a decision tree using PythonWhat is a decision tree?Let’s skip the formal definition and think conceptually about Decision trees. Imagine you’re sitting in your office and feeling hungry. You want to go out and eat, but lunch starts at 1 PM. What do you do? Of course, you look at the time and then decide if you can go out. You can think of your logic like this:We just made a decision tree! This is a

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