NCSA Mosaic for X 1.0 available (1993)

Version 1.0 of NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System, a networkedinformation systems and World Wide Web browser, is hereby released:file://                            …/xmosaic-binaries/xmosaic-sun.Z                            …/xmosaic-binaries/xmosaic-sgi.Z                            …/xmosaic-binaries/xmosaic-ibm.Z                            …/xmosaic-binaries/xmosaic-dec.Z                            …/xmosaic-binaries/xmosaic-alpha.Z                            …/xmosaic-diffs/xmosaic-0.13-1.0-diffs.ZNCSA Mosaic provides a consistent and easy-to-use hypermedia-basedinterface into a wide variety of networked information sources,including Gopher, WAIS, World Wide Web, NNTP/Usenet news, Techinfo,FTP, local filesystems, Archie, finger, Hyper-G, HyTelnet, TeXinfo,telnet, tn3270, and more.This release of NCSA Mosaic is known to compile on the followingplatforms:  SGI

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