AWS EC2 T2 Instances Demystified: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

In my time as a freelancer I’ve come across a number of clients using T2 instances for their infrastructure requirements.
In my experience, these instances often seem to be chosen based largely on their low price compared to other instance types and are often poorly understood.
While T2 instances can offer great value, they come with a number of advantages and disadvantages that must be considered (and understood) before choosing them for your infrastructure.
Let’s examine what T2 instances are.
What Are T2 Instances?
EC2 T2 instances are CPU “burstable” virtual machine instances offered by AWS. This is opposed to the other types of instances which provide a fixed level of CPU performance.
These instances offer baseline CPU performance along with CPU Credits that can be used to “burst” above this baseline performance when required.
The baseline CPU performance, maximum amount of CPU credits that can be earned, and the rate at which these CPU credits are

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