FFmpeg 4.0 released

Converting video and audio has never been so easy.

$ ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi

April 20th, 2018, FFmpeg 4.0 “Wu”

FFmpeg 4.0 “Wu”, a new
major release, is now available! Some of the highlights:

Bitstream filters for editing metadata in H.264, HEVC and MPEG-2 streams
Experimental MagicYUV encoder
TiVo ty/ty+ demuxer
Intel QSV-accelerated MJPEG encoding
native aptX and aptX HD encoder and decoder
NVIDIA NVDEC-accelerated H.264, HEVC, MJPEG, MPEG-1/2/4, VC1, VP8/9 hwaccel decoding
Intel QSV-accelerated overlay filter
mcompand audio filter
acontrast audio filter
OpenCL overlay filter
video mix filter
video normalize filter
audio lv2 wrapper filter
VAAPI MJPEG and VP8 decoding
AMD AMF H.264 and HEVC encoders
video fillborders filter
video setrange filter
support LibreSSL (via libtls)
Dropped support for building for Windows XP. The minimum supported Windows version is Windows Vista.
deconvolve video filter
entropy video filter
hilbert audio filter source

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