Atom 1.26

Atom 1.26 has been released on our stable channel and includes GitHub package improvements, fuzzy-finder support for Teletype and file system watcher improvements.

GitHub package improvements

The GitHub package’s Git pane now displays a list of recent commits for quick reference:

This list is read-only for now but will become more interactive in future releases.

The Git authentication dialog also gained a “Remember” checkbox to enable you to store your username and password:

Your credentials are saved securely in your operating system’s credential store so that they can be used for future Git operations.

Fuzzy-finder support for Teletype

When you’re coding together with Teletype, you can now use the fuzzy-finder to quickly open any file shared by the host.

Atom’s fuzzy-finder is your one-stop shop for lightning-fast access to the local files and the remote files in your workspace.

File system watcher improvements

Our file system watchers will now fall back to polling if the operating system is unable to

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