Linux 4.17-rc1: “We removed more lines than we added”

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Sun Apr 15 2018 – 21:55:49 EST

So two weeks have passed, and the merge window was pretty normal andis now closed.This does not seem to be shaping up to be a particularly big release,and there seems to be nothing particularly special about it. The mostspecial thing that happened is purely numerology: we’ve passed the sixmillion git objects mark, and that is reason enough to call the nextkernel 5.0. Except I probably won’t, because I don’t want to be toopredictable. The version numbers are meaningless, which should meanthat they don’t even follow silly numerological rules – even if v3.0and v4.0 happened to be at the 2M and 4M mark respectively.But v5.0 will happen some day. And it should be meaningless. You havebeen warned.Anyway, we do have a *few* other things that happened, like Arndgetting rid of a number of architectures that seem to simply notmatter any more. If

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