Installing the latest River5

There have been a couple of reports of trouble installing the latest River5, both having to do with the iconv package, which is a relatively new addition to River5. Here’s the latest report.
I don’t know what the problem is, I had no problems installing it on my Mac or on a Linux server.
When I have trouble with NPM, this is what I do:
Delete the node_modules folder and do an npm install.
If that doesn’t work, clear NPM’s cache, delete the node_modules folder and do an npm install.
What’s unusual about iconv is that it’s written in C, and as part of the npm install process it needs to compile it to machine code.
I am anything but an expert in NPM problems, that’s why I’m raising a flag here on Scripting News.
Update: I think Anton got to the bottom of it. Some systems have it set up so

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