I submitted a PWA to 3 app stores. Here’s what I learned

Summary: Turning a web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) and submitting it to 3 app stores requires about a month of work, a few hundred dollars, and lots of red tape.

I recently published Chavah Messianic Radio, a Pandora-like music player, as a Progressive Web App and submitted it to the 3 app stores (Google Play, iOS App Store, Windows Store).

The process was both painful and enlightening. Here’s what I learned.
First, you might wonder, “Why even put your app in the app stores? Just live on the opened web!”
The answer, in a nutshell, is because that’s where the users are. We’ve trained a generation of users to find apps in proprietary app stores, not on the free and open web.
For my web app, there were 2 big reasons to get in the app store:
User demand
Web app restrictions by Apple hostile mobile platforms
User demand: My users have

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