Apache Subversion 1.10 Release Notes

Improved path-based authorization

Subversion 1.10 provides a new implementation of path-based authorization
with improved performance and wildcard support.

Existing authz rules come in two flavours, repository-specific and global:

In these rules, /path is always matched literally.

The new authz rule parser supports two new forms for rules which may contain
wildcards in the path element:


The following wildcard syntax elements are supported in glob rules:
* matches a single (exactly one), arbitrary path segment
** matches an arbitrary number of path segments, separated by a forward slash: /
Classic wildcard patterns such as *foo*.bar work as expected, including escaping of special
characters with a backslash:
All wildcards apply to full path segments only, i.e. * never matches /, except for the
case where /**/ matches zero or more path segments. For example, /*/**/* will match any path
which contains at least 2 segments and is equivalent to /**/*/* as well

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