How to Create a Distill Article

A collection of examples and best practices for creating interactive explanatory articles using the Distill web framework
Getting Started
Distill ships with a CSS framework and a collection of custom web components that make building interactive academic articles easier than with raw HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At its simplest, each Distill post is just a single HTML file with one special script tag.
This script tag will modify your post in your browser, adding the Distill styling and functionality. When we publish your article, we will bake in these transformations, but during development it’s handy to be able to preview it locally (It even works without a web server).
A typical Distill post will be quite a bit longer than the one above. Below is a more complete example. Don’t worry if some of the tags don’t make sense, they’re all documented further in this post.
Project Structure
Because all

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