CKEditor 5 v1.0.0 beta released

When we were releasing v1.0.0-alpha.2 in November last year, we already knew the next release will be huge. The plan for the first beta release was to continue implementing new features, but our main goal was to review the entire public API of CKEditor 5 Framework and improve it where possible.
After 4 months of the most intense period in the history of this project we ended up rewriting and improving more than half of the CKEditor 5 engine’s interface and significant part of other core packages and features. The overall improvement was so big and the community asked for these changes so often that we decided to release beta.1 as soon as the code was stable, which was a month ago in March. This was also a moment when we released CKEditor 4.9 and opened CKEditor Cloud Services’ Easy Image service to the users. Long story short, we did not

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