Show HN: Facebook data analyzer

Facebook data analyzer as seen on I analyzed my facebook data and it’s story of shyness, loneliness, and change
Analyze facebook copy of your data. Download zip file from facebook and get info about friends ranking by message, vocabulary, contacts, friends added statistics and more.

Remember you need to use english language(US) on facebook for download
It won’t work if you use different language because of date formatting, different titles on pages. This script uses nokogiri internally to parse data.
Go to settings on facebook and switch to english language(US), you can later go back to your native langauge.
From facebook settings, request copy of your data
You should get mail back in about 30 minutes
Download zip from link provided in email
Extract the file and then get path to catalog with copy of your data. In my case it was: /Users/przemyslawmroczek/Downloads/facebook-przemekmroczek90/
Clone this repository with script
You need to install ruby, gem bundler, gem

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