PeerTube: A decentralized video hosting network, based on free software

Take back the power… and the responsibilities!

PeerTube isn’t a single video hosting platform with a single group of rules:
it’s a network of dozens of interconnected hosting providers, and each provider is composed
of different people and administrators. You don’t like some of the rules?
You’re free to join the hosting provider of your choice, or even better,
be your own hosting provider with your own rules!

Take control of your content

PeerTube allows you to share all your videos. Being in direct contact with a human hosting provider (or becoming your own) allows you to choose how their broadcasting is done.
Your videos will benefit from tools to fill description, categorization, choosing a preview image and marking videos as not safe for work.
Tweaking the Support button will allow you to show your audience how you want them to support your work.

Putting the users first

You’re a person, not a product. PeerTube is a free/libre software
financed by a

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Mailchimp Is Shutting Down ICO and Blockchain-Related Emails

Consider this a shot across the bow of the entire ICO and blockchain-related sector: email marketing service Mailchimp recently enacted a policy shutting off Blockchain and ICO related accounts. Now, the first victims of this policy are getting the news, and responding in kind by attempting to read the riot act to a Twitter account whose avatar is a monkey with a hat.
Mailchimp announced the policy by alerting its customers on Thursday over email. Its customers freaked out. Like so:

We reached out to Mailchimp to see what the deal was. A rep for the company explained:
We’re looking into this particular account, but if an account holder believes there’s been a mistake, they are encouraged to reach out to with the details, and MailChimp’s Legal team will take a closer look.
The company then reiterated its updated Acceptable Use Policy, which states that the company “does not allow businesses involved in any aspect

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Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results. (2017)

As of a few weeks ago, advertisements for JPMorgan Chase were appearing on about 400,000 websites a month. It is the sort of eye-popping number that has become the norm these days for big companies that use automated tools to reach consumers online.Now, as more and more brands find their ads popping up next to toxic content like fake news sites or offensive YouTube videos, JPMorgan has limited its display ads to about 5,000 websites it has preapproved, said Kristin Lemkau, the bank’s chief marketing officer. Surprisingly, the company is seeing little change in the cost of impressions or the visibility of its ads on the internet, she said. An impression is generally counted each time an ad is shown.The change illustrates the new skepticism with which major marketers are approaching online ad platforms and the automated technology placing their brands on millions of websites. In recent years, advertisers have

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