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25 Mar 2018
TL;DR: bought an e-reader. Didn’t do what I wanted so I made this and this. Now it’s not as bad anymore.

For a while now I’ve been keeping an eye out for an e-reader suitable for reading academic papers.
Mainly I like the idea of reducing the chaos of loose sheets of paper floating around on my desk.
It just turns out most e-readers are (understandably) much more suited to e-book formats than pdfs.

So I was looking for the following features:
Large enough to read regular pdfs without needing to zoom in (peferably A4 size)
E-ink screen, so I can read outside and reduce time spent staring at a screen
Has a pen, so I can mark the text and take notes in the margins
Allows me to get the PDF with the annotations back out of the device with OCR and stuff intact
So, long story short, I bought

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