D3.js 5.0 is out

Released March 22, 2018.
D3 5.0 introduces only a few non-backwards-compatible changes.
D3 now uses Promises instead of asynchronous callbacks to load data. Promises simplify the structure of asynchronous code, especially in modern browsers that support async and await. (See this introduction to promises on Observable.) For example, to load a CSV file in v4, you might say:
d3.csv(“file.csv”, function(error, data) {
if (error) throw error;
In v5, using promises:
d3.csv(“file.csv”).then(function(data) {
Note that you don’t need to rethrow the error—the promise will reject automatically, and you can promise.catch if desired. Using await, the code is even simpler:
const data = await d3.csv(“file.csv”);
With the adoption of promises, D3 now uses the Fetch API instead of XMLHttpRequest: the d3-request module has been replaced by d3-fetch. Fetch supports many powerful new features, such as streaming responses. D3 5.0 also deprecates and removes the d3-queue module. Use Promise.all to run a batch of asynchronous tasks in parallel, or

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