Show HN: Makesite – A static site generator in 125 lines of Python

Take full control of your static website/blog generation by writing your
own simple, lightweight, and magic-free static site generator in
Python. That’s right! Reinvent the wheel, fellas!

This repository contains the source code of an example website
containing two static blogs and a few static pages. The website can be
generated by running The output looks like
this. That’s it!
So go ahead, fork this repository, replace the content with
your own, and generate your static website. It’s that simple!
You are free to copy, use, and modify this project for
your blog or website, so go ahead and fork this repository and make it
your own project. Change the layout if you wish to, improve
the stylesheet to suit your taste, enhance if you need to, and develop your website/blog
just the way you want it.
But Why?
For fun and profit! Okay, maybe not for profit, but hopefully for fun.
Have you used a popular static site generator like

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