Slack’s bait and switch

Slack has finally decided to close down their IRC and XMPP gateways.
True to form, you can only read their announcement if you already have a Slack
account and are logged in to a workspace.
Here’s the gist of their announcement:

As Slack has evolved over the years, we’ve built features and capabilities —
like Shared Channels, Threads, and emoji reactions (to name a few) — that the
IRC and XMPP gateways aren’t able to handle. Our priority is to provide a
secure and high-quality experience across all platforms, and so the time has
come to close the gateways.

They’re of course being economical with the truth here.
Perhaps their XMPP gateway can’t handle “Shared Channels” and “Threads”,
but that’s because they purposefully stopped working on it.
A “Shared Channel” simply means a chatroom which people from outside your
workspace can participate in. If a workspace is mapped to a members-only
chatroom, then making something a shared channel simply means updating the members
list or

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