PHP on Lambda

Host your website on Aws Lambda with full PHP 7 support (i.e. pay by requests instead of paying a fixed monthly hosting fees).
Now it’s possible for you to host dynamic PHP files, static HTML files, css files on AWS Lambda (serverless) just like an Apache server running mod_php. Any files you put inside the public directory will be accessible as if they were hosted on an Apache server with
mod_php. There are no handlers to write or config files to maintain.
For example, put two files, index.php and deep/other.php inside your public folder. The type lambdaphp deploy. Once deployed you should be able to access them online at,, etc (details below).
But why should I care?
Difference is you don’t have to pay any monthly hosting fees because they’re running on AWS Lambda which
means you are billed only by the number of requests. This includes 1 million free

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