JupyterLab is ready for users

We are proud to announce the beta release series of JupyterLab, the next-generation web-based interface for Project Jupyter.tl;dr: JupyterLab is ready for daily use (installation, documentation, try it with Binder)JupyterLab is an interactive development environment for working with notebooks, code, and data.The Evolution of the Jupyter NotebookProject Jupyter exists to develop open-source software, open standards, and services for interactive and reproducible computing.Since 2011, the Jupyter Notebook has been our flagship project for creating reproducible computational narratives. The Jupyter Notebook enables users to create and share documents that combine live code with narrative text, mathematical equations, visualizations, interactive controls, and other rich output. It also provides building blocks for interactive computing with data: a file browser, terminals, and a text editor.The Jupyter Notebook has become ubiquitous with the rapid growth of data science and machine learning and the rising popularity of open-source software in industry and academia:Today there are millions of users of

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