Face-verify.js: Monitoring who is physically looking at a website

tl;dr: This is a demo project showing how Machine Box tech can be integrated into JavaScript applications.Facebox can take an image and tell you how many faces it sees, as well as who those faces belong to provided you have shown it a single example previously.We can use this capability to build additional security into our web apps so we can see how many people are watching the screen and who they are. Using the webcam with some JavaScript and Facebox, we can periodically check to ensure only authorised people can see the information that users consider sensitive.A working demo of this project is available: Check out the Face Verify project on GitHubTwo minute video showing how Face Verify works in practiceUse caseBanks don’t want private account details (like the user’s current balance and credit limits etc) being seen by anybody other than the account holder.The Face Verify technique can be

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